Marriage Encounter Weekends
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
a weekend like no other
Experiencing the weekend
                         ... what will your story be?
"I didn't want to come to the weekend.  I felt our relationship was meant to be.  I knew I loved my wife but we had lost the ability to communicate.  This weekend we have communicated more than in the previous five years.  We have definitely moved out of neutral."
"Marriage Encounter Weekend helped us reconnect and deepen our commitment to make our marriage a priority.  For me, it also helped me rediscover why I fell in love with my husband."
"We had our friends fooled.  Most thought we were doing okay.  But what no one knew is that we had drawn up divorce papers.  Out of obligation to the friends who invited us to our weekend, we decided to attend.  What we did out of obligation turned into an incredible discovery; we could do marriage in a whole new way.  We came away from our weekend with hope and new ways of communicating.  Our children will have a new Dad and Mom.  Those divorce papers were trashed."
"At more than one point during the weekend I wanted to give up and even asked my husband if he wanted to leave.  It's scary to think what I (we) would have missed had I given in to the urge to run.  This is the best thing ever to happen for me and my marriage.  I can't wait for some of our friends to experience Marriage Encounter Weekend."
"Thanks for a great weekend experience.  I understand my wife so much better now."
"We could have used this years ago.  So much time has been wasted.  At least we can make the rest of our years the best of our years.  Thanks."