Marriage Encounter Weekends
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
a weekend like no other


Your Marriage Encounter Weekend will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Rancho Cordova, California. The weekend begins on Friday evening with check-in and dinner.  Throughout the weekend several marriage themes will be presented by one of our four presenting couples.  These couples share insights from their experience and the application of communication techniques that have changed their marriages.
Couples are given time to reflect together on questions that  lead to fresh discoveries in their own marriage.  Time is provided for a couple to share their responses openly and honestly in the privacy of their own room.  Marriage Encounter Weekend is not a group sharing experience.  The weekend concludes on Sunday afternoon.
  • Couples who desire new levels of communication and understanding.
  • Couples who want to strengthen their relationship.
  • Couples who have reached impasse and are looking for help.
  • Couples who want more from their marriage.
  • A teaching or lecture series.
  • A group sharing experience.
  • A Bible study.
  • Marriage counseling.
"After living for years with cystic fibrosis, our oldest son passed away.  My husband and I had lost hope.  We found a reason to live and love again.  We will urge our friends to come to future weekends."